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Remember, that if you have bought the book 'The Self Factor' then you have free access to the members' area, with material to complement the book and to help you get even more out of it. You will also find an outcomes for coaching structure, guided visualizations, a full twenty minute relaxation audio, a decision making matrix and lots more there. Register now.

A list of other recommended books, together with links to Amazon UK, is available at ...   Book List

The following selections from my book together with other articles, tools and inspirations are here for you to browse, download or pass on to others. You are welcome to share them with others provided that you include any accreditations to their authors.

Some of the material is available as PDF files, which can be read with Acrobat reader. If you don't already have it, then you can Download Acrobat Reader for free here.

If you are interested in being coached then click here to arrange an  Introductory Coaching Session.

Selections from the book, The Self Factor

Overview of the book

Table of contents, introduction and first chapter
See the table of contents and read the intro and the first chapter.

From the Reaction Cycle to the Creation Cycle
From Chapter 2, Changing for a Change, this section shows how limiting beliefs are held in place and how they can be changed.

From Chapter 3, Sustaining Yourself

The Needs Review
A self assessment to see how well your various needs are being met and how you can start to improve things.


Other material not from the book ....

Self Assessment Programs

Coachability Index
How coachable are you?

Adrenaline Check List
Are you running on adrenaline and is it sustainable?

Tools & Models

Coaching Overview -- Being and Doing
A model of the coaching process looking at Taking Action, Building a Strong Foundation, Learning and The Self Factor in the context of both 'Being' and 'Doing'.

The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People
The Seven Habits plus the Time Management Matrix from Stephen Covey

Guidelines for Managers
Models, from Marcus Buckingham, Stephen Covey and myself, that together overlap and provide great help for managers at any level.

Why we need boundaries and how to set them.

Where to Start
10 Possible places to start making changes in your life.

Wheel of Life
A visual way of seeing how in balance your life is in key areas.


Coaching as a Healing Process
A look at coaching in terms of Maslow's hierarchy of human needs and becoming 'self actualizing'.

The Stages of Grieving
The stages of grieving according to Elizabeth Kubler Ross and Phyllida Templeton.

Goals / Intentions -- a matter of words or a matter of meaning?
Comparing different approaches to working with goals and intentions.


Do Unto Others
The uniting factor in different religions.

Bill of Rights
Bill of Rights and The Five Freedoms from Virginia Satir.



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