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About myself and my coaching

Duncan Coppock
I work internationally with a variety of personal clients as well as with executives and managers in a wide range of organisations. I am a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). I also train and mentor coaches internationally and am a professional mentor coach and external assessor for different ICF accredited coach training organisations.

I have over 30 years experience of personal development work, and have been empowering people, one-to-one or in small groups, for 25 years or more.

After getting an honours degree in mathematics at age 20, I have had an eclectic career that includes working in industry, being a lecturer and head of department in a private college, being an actor and performer and running my own business. I was also involved in the early days of the personal development movement and have spent some extended times abroad.

Many years ago, when I was struggling to be an actor, I asked myself what I was really good at and meant to do. At first I was disappointed when I realized that my real calling and talent was not as a performer but in working with and empowering other people.

Coaching, as I do it now, with individuals and organizations, is a natural development of what I was doing way back then. My on-going passion is to see people grow, express themselves, achieve meaningful results and live fulfilling lives. I can now say that I am hugely grateful to be able to do work that I love.

I drew on all my experience in the field of personal development, and how it relates to coaching, when I wrote my book, ‘The Self Factor’ -- with foreword by Sir John Whitmore, author of ‘Coaching for Performance’. The book is widely recognised as a resource for executive and other coaches who work with developing their clients as they achieve their goals.


My Approach to Coaching

Working with both heart and mind, I support you in appreciating yourself, your life and work, and in being successful by contributing your unique gifts and strengths.

A central part of coaching is clarifying and achieving goals and projects which are in line with your particular values and needs. For success in a particular area to be sustainable it usually needs to be accompanied by creating a healthy balanced life and I encourage you to enhance your overall quality of life.

You will be asked to prepare for the sessions and agree to fieldwork in between sessions so that you keep an ongoing focus and commitment.

If we work together as part of a contract with your organisation then we will usually set up and agree mutual outcomes and measures of success with your sponsor. Depending on your needs we can also initiate 360 degree interviews and offer you various assessment programs.


About my associate network

For different situations and projects, I refer to and partner up with a variety of coaches and other professionals. All of them are experts in their field and share my values around individual authenticity, fulfilment, empowerment and personal contribution.

If you want individual coaching and I consider that another coach would serve you better then I will suggest them to you -- and then the decision will be yours. Once you start with a particular coach then you stay with them unless you say otherwise.

In the business arena, I work with different coaches and consultants to deliver the best service. Together we will liaise with you to design and deliver training and coaching services to fit your unique requirements.

Our range of coaching services for organizations include:

• Leadership and Executive Coaching
• Coach Training and Mentoring
• Other Training with a Coaching Perspective
• Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational Visioning and Planning


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