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If you are ready for it, and willing to do the work,

then coaching is one of the best investments

you can make for yourself and your life ...


So are you ready for it?


Firstly, are you facing or wanting to initiate change in your life, your work or your business?

Coaching is about working with change. Either responding in the best possible way to change that is happening to you or initiating changes that you want to make. It is often a combination of the two. The catalyst for change might be some external event or pressure that prompts or even forces you to take action. After initial resistance and survival fears, you can then turn the challenge into an opportunity to finally do something about your frustration with the way things are or your desire to have something better -- whether in your personal life or in your business.

Yet again, you may be doing pretty well already thank you -- and still feel that you want to be or do more. You may be ready to stretch yourself and to move to the next level.

Are you ready to clarify your future vision -- how you want things to be?

Working with a coach is a bit like going on an exciting road journey together. Where do you want to go? What will be the destination and what do you want to find there? You may already have clear answers to these questions or perhaps you have a vague sense of where you are heading and want to get clearer so that you can be more focused in your plans and action. Or yet again, as is frequently the case, this may be a major area for you to first get support with.

Are you ready to handle your current reality -- how things are now?

It is important to tell the truth about where you are now starting from and to deal with things so that you have a good foundation for moving forward. If I want to go from Inverness to New York then it won't help to pretend that I am actually starting out from Paris -- even if I think that would be more glamorous...

Are you ready to bridge the gap between how things are and how you want them to be?

Castles in the air can be a wonderful dream, and if you want to live in them then you need to build them on the ground. Your coach will help you to make plans, create and communicate strategies and to make and follow through on clear commitments for yourself.

Are you ready to step outside your comfort zone and to keep taking action and learning as you move forward?

When you make real changes in your life or work then you will need to step outside your comfort zone and by definition this will often involve some discomfort and even fear alongside excitement and satisfaction. Having someone with you on your journey can make all the difference between staying with it, and keeping your promises to yourself, or giving up and going back to what you already know and are dissatisfied with. The route is unlikely to be a straight line and you will also need, with support, to keep monitoring and adjusting to feedback. Working with a professional coach doesn't remove the challenges but it does make it a lot easier to face them.

And, most importantly, are you ready to appreciate and use your greatest resource -- yourself?

This is the aspect that not only makes you more effective and likely to succeed but is vital if success is to be sustainable and fulfilling. Taking care of yourself, empowering yourself, listening to yourself and being there for yourself, whatever happens, is the difference that makes the difference when it comes to leading a truly meaningful and satisfying life. When I first started coaching I would attempt to work more 'on the surface' with clients. Now I only work with clients who want to connect deeply with themselves and to be and express themselves fully in the world.

If your answers to the above questions were positive, then my style of coaching could be of great benefit to you.

We can work in any area where you are ready to make changes.

On the personal front this might include:

  • Making choices and following through with particular goals and projects
  • Creating and communicating effective strategies for change
  • Focusing on YOUR life and what YOU really want
  • Balancing the areas of your life important to you
  • Creating healthy boundaries at home and work
  • Business success, profitability and planning
  • Integrating spiritual and personal growth
  • Listening to and trusting yourself more
  • Being successful by being yourself
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Life and career transition

In an organizational setting this might include:

  • Planning and visioning
  • Clarifying roles and objectives
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Moving from control to empowerment
  • Creating and maintaining sustainable strategies
  • Improving communication skills at work and home
  • Creating a better environment with increased staff retention
  • Creating a win-win culture of increased awareness and motivation
  • Dealing with stress and creating a sustainable balance between home and work

How it works

To really experience the benefits of coaching, you will want to make a commitment over time -- I encourage a minimum of 3 months.

As a first step, I suggest that you first have a one-off coaching session with me, or one of my associates, and experience the benefits directly for yourself. Note that this is an actual coaching session and will be of value in itself. You will be asked to fill in a form and prepare for it so as to get maximum value. After the session you will have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have about further coaching.

While I would like you to continue and experience the full benefit of a series of on-going coaching sessions, over time, there is no obligation and there will be no pressure to do more if you don't want to. At all times you will be encouraged, and supported, in being your own authority and making your own choices.

If we work together as part of a contract with your organisation then there will be additional agrements and we will usually set up and agree mutual outcomes and measures of success with you and your sponsor.

How much does it cost?

One-off introductory consultation and coaching session

We know that it is difficult to realize the value of coaching without experiencing it . Hence we offer an initial free consultation and coaching session where you can receive coaching on an area of your choice without any further obligation.

One-to-one coaching fees

Standard fees, for individuals* arranging coaching for themselves, are currently between £200 - 850 GBP per month depending on your personal situation and the number and length of sessions agreed. Additional short calls and email between sessions are included..

In order to make coaching available to a wider group, with limited resources, reduced fees for 3-6 months are available. Please ask about this.

* Corporate rates are substantially higher to include all the extras involved. Please contact us for more information.


Booking an introductory one-off coaching session may be one of the best choices you ever make. Click here now to arrange a session or to find out more .... introsession


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