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Here you can buy The Self Factor book or ebook as well as the 12 week email course.


        The Self Factor

     The Power of Being You

       A Coaching Approach



You can order The Self Factor as a paperback or as an ebook, in pdf, mobi or epub format.

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There is also a 12 week course, delivered weekly by email, that supports you in working with a selection of the material in a step by step approach. The course sends you a short email each week which is sufficient in itself. Additionally, if you want to, you can use a link to the website for more material for that week, including extracts from the book.  And if you have the book and want to do more there will also be some suggested reading. You can buy this on it's own or at a reduced price when bought together with the book or ebook.

Find out more about the 12 week course

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The Self Factor  Paperback book

Buy the  The Self Factor  Paperback book for £11.95 including UK postage.


Buy the  The Self Factor  Paper Back book  for £13.95 including postage to mainland Europe.


Buy the  The Self Factor  Paperback book for £16.89 including postage to the US or rest of the world.


The Self Factor  Ebook

Kindle readers use mobi files.
Buy and download the ebook in mobi format for 7.85


The ipad, iphone and Sony Reader use epub files
Buy and download the ebook in epub format for £7.85


Buy and download the ebook in pdf format for £7.85


The Self Factor 12 Week Course

Buy the 12 week course without the book, delivered by email, for £12.95

Buy the 12 week course, delivered by email, for £7.95 when bought together with the book or ebook.
You need to have the book or ebook to use this discount, as they will provide the password for signing in.






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