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Wheel of Life

The Wheel of Life is a way of quickly assessing our life balance. Examples of this in different forms date back to the early eighties and the basis is to subjectively score yourself out of ten under various headings that together cover the spectrum of your life. If the headings I have used don't quite work for you then feel free to adjust them.

Print out this page so that you can draw on the diagram.  The eight spokes represent a balanced wheel. Take the centre or hub of the wheel as 0 (totally dissatisfied) and the outer edge as10 (totally satisfied). Rank your level of satisfaction in each area by putting a cross on the relevant spoke.  Draw lines to join the crosses. The less balanced your wheel is the more wobbly will be your ride through life. The more balanced the wheel is, the smoother it will run.

So how balanced is your life in these areas and which areas need more of your focus and energy?