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The Self Factor:

The Power of Being You

A Coaching Approach


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Praise for The Self Factor

"This excellent book can help you create and maintain the kind of relationship with yourself that you need if you want to be both effective and fulfilled. It is also an invaluable resource for coaches, therapists, managers and anyone who uses coaching in their work."

Dina Glouberman, Director of The Skyros Centre, Author of Life Choices, Life Changes: Develop your personal vision for the life you want and The Joy of Burnout.

"The Self Factor takes you beyond success and supports you in living a truly authentic and meaningful life. It will help you to become your own best friend and to integrate who and how you are being with what you doing. If you want to really connect with yourself and live a fulfilling life then buy this book. And if you are a coach, or someone using coaching, then this is a 'must have' resource for yourself and for your clients."

Sandy Vilas MCC, CEO

"The Self Factor is an extraordinarily inspirational and practical guide on how to fall in love with your own humanness! If you want to survive and thrive in the 21st Century -- read this book!"

Suzy Greaves, MD of Big Leap Coaching Company, author of Making The Big Leap, columnist for New Woman and GMTV one minute life coach.

"You could change your life with the help of this book! The author has distilled the wisdom of almost 30 years of working with people into a practical, easy to read and well-structured guide to coaching the self. It encourages the reader to match the author's approach by being positive and flexible. Charles Handy has recently stressed the importance of 'proper selfishness' not just for individuals but also for organizations and society. Here is a book that shows us how to attain it. The author demonstrates how we can develop ourselves as a basis for relating better to others and achieving personal meaning in life -- and his methods work! I would rate this book alongside Stephen Covey's '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' as one of the best reads for those who are serious about living full, effective and enjoyable lives."

Professor John Wattis FRCPsych Professor of Psychiatry of Old Age at the University of Huddersfield, author of Practical Psychiatry of Old Age, coach, mentor and trainer in the NHS.

"This fine book on self-development is the culmination of the author’s substantial personal and professional journey. He has done a great job of pulling together a real treasure trove of activities for raising personal awareness. For the person new to this way of being it is a great opportunity to undertake a self-audit with guidance about how to follow though with actions that, in my experience, would definitely produce results. For those, like me, who have experience in this area it is a great reminder of self development activities that we have let slip and maybe become complacent about. 'Self-centred' in the most positive sense."

John Leary Joyce, Founder and CEO of The Academy of Executive Coaching, Director of the Gestalt Centre.

"Duncan is an incredibly powerful and experienced coach. He is also a genuine role model for making the most of potential in a way that is meaningful and aligned with his personal values. Not only could his book change your life and your relationship with yourself, but it is also a great resource for coaches. It can make a dramatic difference to your coaching skills, your impact and the results for your clients."

Carole Gaskell, International Coach, Author of Transform Your Life and Founder of the Full Potential Group.

"The Self Factor is THE book to help you experience more success and fulfillment -- NOW! Written in a way that is easy to understand and fun to implement, it is a comprehensive guide to supporting and coaching yourself to a better life. Duncan's style is very human and motivational and the book makes me excited and enthusiastic to do the self-work to improve my life and my business. I have the privilege of personally knowing Duncan. He is a person who walks his talk and the essence of Duncan comes out in his book -- honesty, caring, humour, intelligence, authenticity, creativity, understanding, and a deep commitment to supporting people on their life's journey. I fully endorse and recommend his book to everyone who wants to connect with themself and enjoy more success and meaning in their life and work. "

Celia Hawe, Author of Yoga for Slimmers and Life Coach

"This book has art and heart in abundance. Being so powerfully accompanied by the author makes it a genuinely transformational read. Spiritual intelligence and clear thinking combine to light up the text and distinguish this book from a host of others. Read it!"

Edna Murdoch, Founder: Coaching Supervision Academy

"Coaching yourself is often harder than coaching others, as there is so much we take for granted. Duncan Coppock has provided us with an excellent book that is both readable and a very practical guide on how to coach yourself. This will be a great guidebook for those wanting to explore the next stages of their own personal development."

Dr. Peter Hawkins, Chairman of Bath Consultancy Group, author of Wise Fool's Guide to Leadership and, jointly with Nick Smith, Supervision and Development of Coaches, Mentors and Consultants -- Open University Press 2006

Read the foreword to the book by Sir John Whitmore, author of Coaching for Performance

"This book fills an important gap in the coaching literature. Many of us have advocated self-coaching, a practice that some coaches often adopt naturally. I go into self-coaching mode every time I put on my skis; awareness, or experiencing the now as it happens, is infinitely more rewarding than the self-instruction and self-criticism with which perfectionists beat themselves up. Few coaches have examined the process of self-coaching fully and none as comprehensively as Duncan has in The Self Factor.

However the book goes further than that. There are many instant self-esteem cookbooks on travel bookshop shelves but even the word self-esteem does not imply the value of what I call self-belief, which is what Duncan is referring to. He sets this scene in chapter one so the reader is left with no doubt about the purpose and value of the self factor.

Self-Belief is the life-blood of a good life and the foundation stone on which personal effectiveness stands. It is indispensable for sports performers if they are to get to the top. In 1966 I retired from having been a successful professional racing driver, and paid little attention to the sport thereafter. However in 1990, I was unexpectedly asked to race again and as the big race of the year loomed a couple of hours ahead I felt extremely nervous. It seemed that the value of my whole previous reputation was now to be put to the test. My five year-old son, Jason, scribbled on the hotel notepad a message for me. This is it:


This was before school had had the chance to get at his natural wisdom. For him, I would do anything, so I did what he ordered, confidence filled my being, and I won the race with calm and ease. It was that experience that convinced me just how important the self factor is and how, when we attend to it, we can become invincible -- and I speak less of beating others, than of beating those internal gremlins that so often sabotage us and hold us back from being who we really are, and doing what we really can do.

The Self Factor lays out logically and very comprehensively numerous strategies, coaching questions, exercises and anecdotal examples to be used for self-coaching. It includes sections on psychological and physical health, on relationships, on identifying and meeting our own needs, on meaning, purpose and spirituality and on vision and goals. While this is, in the main and importantly so, a book for life and the self, at the end it also touches upon the workplace applications of coaching on the self-principles.

I have been asked a few times to write about the books of other authors on the subject for which I am best known. I usually find in their pages a number of things with which I disagree, at least in the emphasis or lack of it placed upon certain elements. I have rarely come across any book with which I can so wholeheartedly agree. Only its style differs somewhat from mine. Duncan is more organized and thorough than I am. I am sure that this book will help you on your journey to your self."

John Whitmore, author of Coaching for Performance and several other books on learning, development and social change. June 2005


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