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Coaching Skills Training

Feedback from Participants

"The training was full to the brim with information plus lots of coaching practice and sessions between modules. Duncan gave us all his experience and knowledge in a most generous way. I was impressed by his professionalism and how he drew from so many different approaches to a introduce a variety and breadth to the training. Extremely good value for money and a very very worthwhile way to spend my time."
Liza Hollingshead, CEO Ecologia Youth Trust.

"The trainings were life changing and inspiring and I got excellent tools that I feel competent to use to go out and start my own business. Duncan walks his talk, has integrity and is open to learning more himself. He is an excellent teacher and fun to be with. There was a good fow between the modules.They were easy to follow and at the same time challenging."
Irina Kelly

"Very well structured. So much wisdom and experience clearly conveyed. Excellent sense of humour made learning fund and easier to understand. It will help in my role as a leader in our social enterprise. Plus enormous benefits for my children – a mum who will really listen! "
Kim Siu, mother of 4 and Project Development Manager of Down to Earth.

"The trainings were inspirational. I learnt a lot about myself and how I operate and have developed new skills that I can use as a coach and that will also be invaluable in my personal life. Duncan was dynamic, understanding and presented information in a variety of ways that kept everything interesting."
Deborah Hockney

"To be a participant in this training really changed my life. I feel much more confident in speaking to people and listening to them. I definitely recommend this training to all teachers. I now feel more confident to deal with parents, to set boundaries when necessary and to improve the working situation in a team."
Andrea Langenegger, Teacher.

"It has been really supportive for my development as a coach and as a person. The first module opened up a whole new world of listening and being with clients and I shifted my from advice giver to coach. The second gave me a strong structure to use and the third was really exciting with lots of material and skills to develop. I really appreciate the way that Duncan creates an environment where you feel held by a safe structure while at the same time you are given the space to go out of your comfort zone, stretch, fall, transform and grow. Not only has the course made me feel more competent as a coach, it has also enabled me to let go of some old belief patterns – and I have even found a new love!"
Katharina Lenz

"As a relatively experienced coach, who has also trained coaches, I was a bit nervous of whether I might become bored. In fact, I found the first module particularly connecting and an excellent reminder of basics that I hadn’t paid attention to. The other modules were also useful and I found Duncan’s own models particularly useful. Duncan is very experienced in coaching and has a natural style that invites confidence building. He also has a naughty sense of fun!"
Jenny Campbell, Director of Life Times Work.

"The 3 modules flowed well from one to the other. There was a combination of styles and involvements which suited all learning styles. Duncan was very clear and adapted the pace and style to suit the needs of the group. The training will be useful for me personally as well as for coaching others. I will also be able to use it in my current role."
Jackie MacLaren


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