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Coaching and Therapy Encounters

While coaching and therapy are diferent disciplines, there are areas of overlap and they have much to offer and learn from each other.

In the past, there has been caution, and even antagonism, from both sides and the sometimes necessary emphasis on differences. Now, more mutual appreciation and reaching out is happening.

Many therapists have added coaching to their skill set and the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) started a coaching division in November, 2010.

Many coaches, and organisations using coaches, are looking for coaching and coach training that is more psychologicially informed and transformational.

Duncan Coppock, of Self Factor Coaching, and Joan Wilmot, of The Centre for Supervision and Team Development, are collaborating so that practitioners and their clients can benefit from the best of both approaches

From Duncan:

I have 35 years experience in personal and spiritual development, started coaching in 1998 and have been training both personal and executive coaches since 2001.  I have noticed more therapists coming through the trainings and appreciate the presence and insight they bring with them. And for their part, they appreciate the structure and direction that comes from coaching.

From early on as a coach, in addition to working with my own mentor coach, I have had frequent supervsion from a highly experienced therapist supervisor. I found that it gave me additional insight and support in being more fully present and effective with my clients. I am delighted to be working with Joan to make some of this available for other coaches, through training and supervsion.

From Joan:

I am a founding member of  the Centre for Supervision and Team Development . We have been offering supervision training to therapists and counsellors, and also to managers and others responsible for team development, for over 30 years. In recent years more coaches have been coming to our trainings. We enjoy their input and find that they gain from the additional insight, presence, models and skills we provide.

I am also trained as a coach and find that the structure and results focus complements and adds to my training in therapy and supervision. I am an advocate of life long learning and believe that the coach trainings we offer can greatly enhance the outlook and skills of therapists and bring real benefits to their clients

Our Vision

For both coaches and therapists, our vision is help you to add more SPICE to what you are already doing with:

• Spiritually &
• Psychologically
• Inspired
• Coaching
• Encounters

Our Offerings

Coaching Skills Training:

There is a choice of three two day coaching modules plus a one day intensive introduction. The modules are:

  • Core Coaching Skills
  • Coaching for Results
  • Coaching the Self Factor                              Read more

Psychological Insight for Coaches

A one day experiential workshop for coaches introducing different perspectives from the world of therapy and counselling.

                                                                                    Read more

Supervision and Mentoring

A choice of styles and focus with either Joan or Duncan.

                                                                                    Read more



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