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Mentoring and Supervision

To a certain extent, the terms mentoring and supervision overlap and we find that in our support for coach's we do what is necessary rather than working within a particular definition.

That said, the term mentor generally implies someone who has direct experience in the field that you are engaged in. In the coaching world mentoring is oftenconcerned with the development of coaching competencies, adherence to ethics and is also frequently linked with support for accreditation in the early stages of a coach's career.

In the UK, at least, supervision tends to cover the development and support of the coach and ensuring quality for the coach's clients. This addresses not only skills and interventions but also the relationship between coach and client and the understanding that coaches have of themselves in the coaching relationship. The 7-eyed supervision model, of Shohet and Hawkins, recognises 7 different areas that the supervision may focus on.

You are free to chat with each of us to see how the chemistry feels and what will best support you.

Fees vary according to your situation.

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