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Additional Skills and Support for Coaches

Psychological Input for Coaches - One Day Course

Based on the 7-eyed supervision model, of Shohet and Hawkins, this one day experiential workshop uses a group context to support coaches in exploring their coaching sessions more deeply in terms of:

• How their coachee presents themselves and their situation
• Relationship patterns between coach and coachee and how these support or block coaching
• The systemic context in which the client is based

Through this, coaches gain the ability to view their coaching from a wider perspective and to develop their own internal supervisor.

Included in this course is a follow up conference call.

Group Supervision for Coaches - with either Joan or Duncan

This can be face to face or else via conference calls..

Group Mentoring for Coaches - with Duncan

This group meets by telephone conference calls and supports coaches with their core competencies and prepares them for accreditation. It will count as part of your mentoring requirements for ICF accreditation.


We also offer individual supervision and mentoring. 


Fees vary according to your situation.

For bookings & further information, contact us on ....

    Tel: + 44 208 123 2484




Coach Training for Therapists & Counsellors

Further Training & Supervsion for Coaches

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