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Testimonials from clients on working by phone


I've rceived coaching over the phone and in person, and my preference is over the phone. As well as all of the logistical benefits, I find myself much less self conscious and more free to explore ideas. I've already made significant changes, and on my way to reaching goals that a few months ago would have thought completely unobtainable.

Laurie Tennant - Brisbane Australia - Marketing Manager for a global retail group


"I have been working with Duncan over the last couple of years. Telephone coaching works extremely well for me, there are even some aspects of it that I prefer over face-to-face meetings, e.g. that it allows me to better focus on my thoughts and feelings. I feel less distracted by how I look or how the other person looks at me. It creates a very safe space and despite the distance I feel that physical aspects such as my breathing patterns or body tension are being picked up and improved."

Julika D: Lawyer

I was hesitant about telephone coaching because I don't like speaking on the phone. However, when I was coached by Duncan (both in 2007 and 2011-2012), he was so present that I was not occupied by whether I was talking on the phone or face to face.

Olympia Mitsopoulou, MSc, ACC, ATOM WAVE Managing Partner | Certified Coach & Solution Focused Practitioner

“I had doubts that without physical presence, coaching would not be powerful enough. However, Duncan proved to me in our long term distant relationship that it is even more powerful when the coach's presence is strong. His presence in the sense of his listening skills, curiosity, feedback style, experience, common sense, authenticity and tone of voice hold me so tightly that I never feel the physical distance. I find my experience very fulfilling and impactful.”

Gamze Acar Bayraktaroglu: International trainer, consultant and coach

I have worked with Duncan Coppock for some time now and the coaching has been done entirely by telephone. It has been highly effective for me and his ability not only to ask powerful questions but particularly to listen and hone into the levels of energy in my voice has been impressive and this enabled me to get greater self-insights that have proved very useful in bringing about my desired outcomes.

Adrian McGinn, Co-founder Connexia Global

I highly value being coached by Duncan Coppock for over a year now. Sessions are taken over the phone without using video and I find it easier to focus on the exchange itself. I wasn't sure how this telephone coaching would work but it turned out to be not only practical but also a really effective process, which supports me to make the changes I need to make.

Martine Lepert, Human Resources, Luxembourg

I was always a bit sceptical about telephone coaching, I thought it would be better face to face but I tried it and found it extremely beneficial. Duncan was able to contract effectively and create a safe space to do some really powerful work. In some ways, the coaching being on the telephone was a lot easier, I could do it where ever I was and we got a lot done in a shorter space of time. Duncan build a good and effective relationship quickly and now I enjoy doing the coaching over the telephone and get real value out of each session.

Jo Lyon, MD based in the UK

I’ve worked with Duncan for the past eight years (??!) and have found telephone coaching with him to be highly effective in helping me achieve my goals.

Nicola Jones, Executive Coach

"I tried coaching over phone over several months - this works just perfectly! In many ways, it is actually better than face-to-face meetings. The phone maintains distance from body language interference, which can be distracting, and helps focus on the essential, our self-being! Love it and ready to go.

A.F.F. - Tunisia"

"Telephone coaching has helped me to realise the belief I have in myself and my own work, to feel strong enough to embark on an independent career. Even though we have never met, I have found this support to be very valuable, something I draw on at different points in my personal and professional journey."

Anna-Louise Meynell, Owner, Annaloom Textiles







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