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Coaching Mastery Training

Policies and Procedures


To secure your place on one of the programs we require a 10% non-returnable deposit. The balance of payment is due prior to the scheduled training.

If for some reason you are unable to complete a program then no refund is given. If the program is repeated we will allow you to join a later module if places are available. This is on a case by case basis and no guarantees are given.

If the program is cancelled for any reason then you will receive a full refund.

Entry Requirements

There are no formal entry requirements although most participants will have extended experience as a leader, manager, coach or in another professional role working with others. We invite you to contact us to discuss how the program will or will not work for you. Our concern is to have a strong program with engaged and enthusiastic participants and we genuinely only want you to join us if this is right for you.

Graduation Requirements

To gain a certificate of successful completion for each module you must:

  • Attend at least 85 % of all person to person sessions and preferably all of them. For any sessions missed you will need to study the materials and connect with fellow students or arrange an extra tutorial - for which there would be an additional fee.
  • Complete all required assignments.

To gain a certificate of completion for the entire Coaching Mastery Training for Professionals you will need to have attended a minimum of 48 hours of person to person sessions on the core competencies and to have completed at least 12 hours of additional required assignments.

This is to allow for unforeseen circumstances. We would normally expect you to plan for and complete all or most of the program.

Complaints Process

Throughout our training we encourage feedback and input from our students and will work with you to make the training as effective as possible. Where possible we will endeavour to resolve any problems or complaints with you directly.

Additionally we are aligned with the International Coach Federation (ICF) Core Competencies, Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for both employees and for the organisation and programs.

The ICF has formal Complaint Processes for both individuals and for programs. We fully participate in these and will direct you to them if requested.


If any of the policies are unclear or you would like to discuss them then please contact us.

Coaching Mastery Training for leaders, managers and other professionals

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