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There were lots of opportunities for practice with immediate feedback which helped me to become aware of my strengths and development areas in coaching. Working together with the group created good energy during the course and in between. And one of the best results is that after the course some of us are a part of coaching community which helps us overcome problems we face on our coaching journey and also find new clients.

I came to the course in order to become a good coach. However, I discovered that the acquired techniques and methods help me daily to support my kids, husband, colleagues and anyone I communicate with. I have become more aware of myself. And when life challenges me I solve the issues in a more creative way than I used to. I can achieve better results, causing less damage to myself and my partners or colleagues.

One of my missions related to coaching is to promote a coaching culture in my organisation, both group-coaching and individual. Some of my colleagues have also started to get their coaching certification and are helping me spread the coaching culture inside the organisation.

Ly Sari, Director of Administration, Information System Authority, Tallinn

At first with the training I had the joy of recognising that many times I have already used similar methods as a leader, intuitively. It was then very good to learn different methods of coaching and to start to use it more effectively at work and to be more informed about the approach.

I feel that I am more developed and can use the new skills, whenever I can see they are necessary in my everyday work as manager of the company. Now I don’t have to think alone about some questions. I can start to ask questions with my colleagues to find the best solution.

And most importantly, I’ve started to ask myself coaching questions to find a way forward. I am using a coaching approach and training myself to think differently.

Tiina Pille, Member of the Board, AS Profline, Estonia

Duncan and Ivar surprised me - in a very positive way. I have some experience as a trainer myself and the way these two men managed group processes and learning impressed me. Every participant is addressed on a personal level and at the same time the whole group works together. The balance between fun and learning, theory and practice is well in place.

Putting theory into daily practise is another challenge, but a year after the training I’m still using it.

I entered the course to find a new set of skills and to become a better manager. After completing the course, I feel that I can empower my colleagues more to take responsibility and to find new ways of doing things.

Tanel Oppi, Head of educational innovation agency, Foundation Innove

The training was beneficial in so many different ways – I learned a new coaching structure and tools that I can use and I was reminded of the fact that listening is the most important skill ever.

I constantly thought how coaching could be used in my organization and how to make our managers great coaches. It was all very practical and this was exactly what I came for when I signed up for the course!

In addition, there was one extra bonus that I didn’t really think about before – all the times I was being coached and had to bring a new problem on the table. I got to discuss my real problems, got new insight, ideas and confidence for solving the problems or moving on.

The training helped me to grow as a coach, as a team leader and also as a person.

Jaanika Lill, People Operations Team Leader, Playtech Estonia

Learning coaching together with Duncan and Ivar is pure fun and learning at once – the course guides you through various aspects of coaching using theory and practice hand in hand, step by step. They encourage you to explore and experience building your learning on your own experiences. This is what makes the course inspiring – they offer you a safe journey to find your own way in coaching. I like when they are honest with you – they let you do your mistakes, at the same time they encourage you to learn and move forward.

Aside from coaching techniques, coaching has taught me to become more patient and less judging – it has encouraged me to explore and be curious, be open to people and listen carefully.

In my team I encourage my team members to explore and find their own ways, come up with their own solutions and let them have their own lessons learned. True learning can happen only through exploring.

Katre Eljas-Taal, Managing partner, Technopolis Group, Director/juhatuse liige of Technopolis Group, Baltics

I particularly liked the way the training took a diverse approach to coaching and wasnot based on only one model or approach, such as GROW. Instead it presented various tools for conducting a coaching conversation.

The greatest benefit for a company using a coaching approach to management is that it gives more responsibility for results to the individual without the individual feeling that the manager does not care about him or her. On the contrary, coaching leadership creates a situation where a person feels that they are of interest and that they are not alone in their actions and concerns.

Mihkel Reinsalu, Owner and CEO at Teadmiste Instituut OÜ and partner at LKM Talent Group OÜ

Growing from specialist to a leader is always a complex task. We all know the practical side of the project, but how to build a proper team and guide them to take their own decisions is the challenging part. The training was a great help in improving my personal leadership skills and equipping me with the toolbox to coach every member of my team personally and to transform their teamwork productivity to a new level.

It also helped me in achieving a balance and harmony between my personal and work life.

The 6 days of inspiring learning and sustained practice of various real-life situations not only helped me to become a better person, but it was a true joy to find new kindred spirits to share the journey with.

Mary-Liis Kütt, PhD., Project coordinator, Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies

I have made changes that I never believed were needed. To go inside yourself might be the hardest thing you do, but when its done well - its amazing and powerful. Using coaching skills, I connected to a level that I had not done before and this has taught and developed me more than anything else.

Being available to listen has value, and being able to ask questions to support the other person’s journey makes the difference. Coaching has been a great help to me and my organization and, with an excellent skillset from Duncan and Ivar, I will continue on this road.

I have become a better person, friend, husband and leader.

Erkki Ehand, Operational excellence in Manufacturing

When people of diverse backgrounds and needs come together - it is a rewarding experience!
I had developed essential coaching skills during my leadership practice in the past, but my knowledge framework was somewhat fragile. This training helped me organize my existing ideas and experiences and combine it with new learning.

I am now more confident and willing to offer individual coaching as part of my leadership training programs. I have also developed the motivation to become ICF credentialed as a coach.

Agne Puusar, Leadership trainer and HR consultant, Estonia

The training was very meaningful and well structured. Most of all I liked that we immediately followed up our theoretical knowledge with practical tasks and applied them in practice at our work, conducting various coaching sessions. In addition, I learned very valuable techniques to increase my personal effectiveness and coaching skills.

As a result, I became more confident. By learning coaching, I have increased my level of personal and professional growth, and helped people solve their problems. My personal management quality index for 2 years increased by 50% (Kantar TNS).

Thanks to the knowledge and skills I gained, I was able to get a more responsible position in the company, made a number of changes that the team needed, and at the same time kept the high level of commitment of employees.

Olga Zaitseva, Large-scale Energy Production HR Leading Partner, Eesti Energia AS

Excellent program, the structure is very nicely built up and supported by examples and practice work. Really like that everybody is involved during the training program. It´s a way of thinking and acting that you take with you after the training and which supports you to achieve goals and gain another prespective whatever area or challenges you are working on. Really happy that I decided to take this journey in my life. Thanks!

Margit Oja, Purchase Manager, AQ Lasertool OÜ

The Coaching Mastery Training with Ivar and Duncan was great. What I love so much about learning coaching is that it's a skill that I can use in my work and also my everyday life. There was enough time between the workshops, so I could practice the techniques in the meantime and it was great to discuss them afterward with the rest of the "classmates". I grew a lot through that process myself.

Katrin Kiviselg, Partner at Northstar Consulting.

Pure coaching was a fresh perspective. Experience and expertise were certainly there – not only in terms of coaching but also a wider perspective on business and people development. We have great people in our companies but often we do not know how to get them performing at their best.

When you have enough experience in your field of business it will easily become a habit to tell people what to do because you think you know best. At the same time you are actually slowing the growth and development of the organization. For me it was a good reflection of my own behaviour and training to listen better, to understand better and to ask better questions that will develop my team of leaders. It is important to focus and needs training to make it stick as your daily behaviour – at least for me it was this way.

People often know the right answers or at least the best answers in the circumstances – you just have to guide them towards them. I certainly got a strong reminder about that. When running a busy schedule and many meetings it proves over and over again that most things start with listening and understanding. This is a focus that needs to be repeated and well understood. I also believe that my personal leadership toolkit got a few tips and tricks that I was not so familiar with before.

Keijo Kaasik, Managing Director

Participation in the coaching training was extremely useful, as it invited participants to think about how to communicate with their colleagues and teams in a more efficient way and help them to realise their full potential by finding the answers themselves. Coaching exercises during the course were very practical and helped to test out all the new knowledge acquired during the course.

I find coaching skills useful in my everyday work life, working with my teams that consist of different personalities and working routines.

Birgit Lüüs, Deputy Head of Department of Citizenship and Migration Policy, Estonian Ministry of the Interior

I had come across coaching during other trainings and workshops, but this course was a game changer for me. Not only did it help me to work through all the complicated issues in my life during a turbulent period, I also developed my coaching skills in leaps and bounds each module in an open and caring atmosphere. Ivar and Duncan are simply a powerhouse team - articulate and supportive mentors with extensive professional knowledge and experience.

In my organization many people now have coaches, and the demand to know and learn more is only increasing. Moreover, a few of us are studying to also become internal coaches. As for me, the course had such an impact that I discovered coaching as my greatest passion. I am now in the process of transitioning into becoming a full-time coach, and just recently obtained a professional ICF credential.

If you want to seek clarity, raise awareness, or better organize your life and organization, I highly recommend you make the investment in yourself and take the course.

Priit Lumi, CEO, Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies

I especially enjoyed this program as it included deeper layers of coaching and Duncan goes more into the personal dimension than general trainings usually do.

I have previously attended a couple of pre-certification full trainings and found that Duncan’s approach had many new ideas and angles on both how to deal with more complicated situations and/or clients and how to use some additional tools and techniques.

Heigo Kaldra
, Country Manager, Manpower Estonia

The coaching training held by Duncan and Ivar was an inspiring way to learn more about myself and how to help other people finding the solutions. It gave me a toolbox that I can use whenever I need to encourage somebody.

Priit Kello







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