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I was lucky to have chosen Duncan Coppock: he offered enlightening insights as a mentor, without pushing he always ignited the best in me, and was also a wonderful coach in moments of (self) doubt. Indirectly Duncan widened the horizons of my perception. Always a steady and genuine supporter, wise, thoughtful and reliable. I cannot thank Duncan enough for his contribution in my progress -personally and professionally as a coach.

Katerina Defermou, Greece

Our group of senior coaches benefitted enormously from Duncan’s mentoring as we worked toward our ICF credentialing. He brought wisdom, encouragement, experience and challenge to our sessions. He has a deep understanding of the requirements and created a valuable learning space for us to develop.

Tamisn Slye, Executive Coach

Duncan’s highly supportive, probing, mature, wise, reflective, unflappable style makes you raise the bar on yourself and whatever it is you’re working on. He has a light touch that is extremely effective at helping you get to the heart of the matter, beyond the superficial. He challenges and stretches in a way that leaves you feeling better (not worse!) about yourself. I have had both 1-1 coaching and ICF accreditation group mentor coaching from Duncan and he is excellent in both environments.

Rebecca Hourston, Manging Director, Talking Talent

I have worked with Duncan for past six months in preparation for my ICF credential. While I appreciate highly his guidance regarding the ICF markers, what I value above this, is his personal approach and his strong presence during all of our sessions. He has helped to clarify my thoughts and deal with my emotions at the times of confusion and uncertainty in my personal and professional life. I appreciate the way he has urged me to push forward and how he recognises my achievements. Due to this I now feel much calmer and self-confident in my coaching work. I am convinced that in addition to studies, in order to become a good coach one has to experience being a coachee under the guidance of a masterful coach. Duncan is a great option for this – he is mature, intelligent and experienced. I very much hope that our co-operation will continue.

Tiina Keskkula, Executive Coach

Duncan is an outstanding mentor for the ICF credentialing process. He certainly knows his stuff and there’s a lot of stuff to know! The process really makes you think deeply about your coaching and I questioned myself a lot. Duncan helped me keep the faith and I’m well on the way to MCC now with his help and guidance. Everyone needs a Duncan!

Nicola Jones, PCC, Global Managing director, Talking Talent

I found Duncan as a PCC coach looking to realise MCC. I had made one application for MCC, which had failed. One of the qualities of Duncan is that despite his great experience and expertise in bringing to life coaching competencies, he works with you very holistically. He is a man who never neglects the whole of who you are - and so can help you to see beyond your own self-imposed limitation and blindness. I will always be a grateful for his authenticity and conversations that we had when I was doubting my ability to be an MCC. He shared some truths not only about how he saw me but also about the wider ICF system which played a remarkable role of taking the pressure off me to perform. I did realise my MCC and one person I will acknowledge who played a important role in helping me over the final and yet essential hurdle is Duncan. I have recommended Duncan to other coaches seeking to grow with a back drop of competencies and they like me have reported back upon his expertise and many qualities, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone wishing to succeed within the ICF credentialing experience. He is remarkable man and a valuable guide.

Andrew Machon PhD MCC, Executive business coach, coach trainer and coaching supervisor

"Duncan has worked with our Team of coaches at Talking Talent providing group mentoring, as well as with me individually on a one to one basis. Duncan was excellent at managing mentoring with a group of colleagues who work regularly together. He created an extremely safe environment in which people felt comfortable being observed coaching as well as receiving feedback for development. Duncan is always calm and brings really valuable insights and stretch to everyone. I know the Coaches have all valued the mentoring sessions and have felt they have helped significantly with their development. On a personal level I have benefited from being part of the group but also have got significant benefit from working with Duncan one to one. Duncan has always been supportive yet challenging. He has prompted me when my motivation has dipped and really helped me to understand the areas I needed to focus on to get my MCC. There were highs and lows but I always felt able to tackle them with the support of Duncan. I am pleased to say that I attained my MCC with constructive feedback on my recordings from Duncan.

Jo Lyon,
MD Talking Talent

Thank you very much for your generous support towards my MCC credentialing. I really enjoyed the year with you as my mentor. Among the most valuable things I can mention is that I learned how to use my whole potential as a coach.

Emma Persson
, PCC Sweden

I have worked with Duncan in his capacity as a coach supervisor on both an individual and group basis. The supervision was conducted via telephone and, despite some initial reservations, this proved to be extremely effective; so much so that I have learned from this experience and now integrate it into my own coaching practice .
As a supervisor, Duncan provides both challenge and support and he uses his superb intuitive skills to tailor his approach to the individual and the situation. This is particularly evident and effective in a group setting when as much can be learned from how Duncan works with colleagues as with oneself.
Duncan draws from a wealth of knowledge and experience in the coaching field and I always come away from supervision sessions feeling energised, stretched and having new insights and learning. I would have no hesitation in recommending Duncan to future clients.

Anne Shiels, Executive coach and Consultant

Duncan’s supervision style of supporting a deeper connection with embodied felt-sense, particularly resonated with me. I never imagined sessions via telephone could be so impactful. I took great value from the work I did with Duncan as I was starting my coaching journey.

Harsha Perera
, Executive and life coach.



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