Self-Factor Coaching
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Some of the areas that coaches work on with clients include:

For the individual:

  • Making choices and following through with particular goals and projects
  • Creating and communicating effective strategies for change
  • Focusing on YOUR life and what YOU really want
  • Balancing the areas of your life important to you
  • Creating healthy boundaries at home and work
  • Business success, profitability and planning
  • Integrating spiritual and personal growth
  • Listening to and trusting yourself more
  • Being successful by being yourself
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Life and career transition

In an organizational setting:

  • Planning and visioning
  • Clarifying roles and objectives
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries
  • Moving from control to empowerment
  • Creating and maintaining sustainable strategies
  • Improving communication skills at work and home
  • Creating a better environment with increased staff retention
  • Creating a win-win culture of increased awareness and motivation
  • Dealing with stress and creating a sustainable balance between home and work