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Welcome to Self Factor Coaching and Coach Training


  Listen to a message from founder, Duncan Coppock MCC

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Are you tired of having to choose between being yourself and being successful?

Read on ....

I am here to support you in being true to yourself   AND   in making the most of your life, work and opportunities.

I enjoy success and I also want to be myself, to be real and to enjoy and contribute to the people and world around me. And the more that I work with clients and coaches, from all over the world, I find that this is what most people want too.

To support you with this, together with my associates, I provide:

  • One to one coaching ... more
  • Training in coaching skills... more
  • Workshops and retreats ... more
  • Mentoring for coaches... more
  • Help for your organization... more
  • Keynote speakers... more

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My book, the Self Factor, with foreword by Sir John Whitmore (author of ‘Coaching for Performance’), is widely recognised as a resource for executive and other coaches who work with developing their clients as they achieve their goals.

“ This excellent book can help you create and maintain the kind of relationship with yourself that you need if you want to be both effective and fulfilled. It is also an invaluable resource for coaches, therapists, managers and anyone who uses coaching in their work.”

Dr. Dina Glouberman, Director of The Skyros Centre, Author of Life Choices, Life Changes: Develop your personal vision for the life you want and The Joy of Burnout.

Buy the book or ebook on-line now

To find out more about the book, read the foreword and other praise for it from individuals, business owners, coaches, therapists, managers and others click here.


Here are some typical questions, including some more nitty-gritty ones, that people ask about my approach to coaching ….

What do you mean by the self factor and the power of being you?

Whoever you go, whoever you are with, whatever you say and whatever you do, there is one factor that is always present -- YOU.

If who and how you are being is not all that it could be then everything that you are involved in will be undermined. Conversely, when you strengthen your relationship with, and expression of, yourself then you optimize your chances of success and fulfillment. You also have a much better foundation for your relationships with other people.

My experience, of working with people for almost thirty years, is that at the core of us all there is a common source of wisdom, strength and joy coupled with a desire to live a meaningful life and to contribute to our world. In this respect we are all the same. Alongside that, we each have our own unique combination of values, talents, style and quirks, all of which contribute to the rich tapestry of our lives together.

The more that you can tap into your inner strength AND embrace your own and others' humanness, the more you will have the power to create a meaningful and happy life. This is the power that comes from being you.

Is this some hyped up "you can have it all" sell?

No, and if you are looking for someone or something to rescue you and give you the magic panacea for all your problems and challenges – then maybe give google a try and good luck! I work with real people with real lives who are ready to take responsibility and to make changes happen.

From the book:
"One deeply held myth in our current society is that of the perfectly happy, healthy and successful person. It is an expectation that in our life, career and relationships we can, and indeed should, have it all, all of the time. If we don't manage to achieve this then we feel that something has gone drastically wrong and that we have failed. In extreme contrast to the perfect life myth is a belief that we are helpless victims of upbringing, society and circumstance, condemned to endure whatever life has given us.

The reality is that most of us do grossly under-use our ability to make choices and improve our experience AND that sometimes life is messy and difficult and doesn't fit the storybooks AND that we always have a choice in how we respond to it."

If you want something different from what you have now then the bottom line is that YOU will need to change. And for change to be lasting and fulfilling you will not only need to change what you are doing, you will also need to change who and how you are being.

This is what we support you with at Self Factor Coaching – alongside with helping you achieve your vision and goals.

Why do you link the self factor with coaching?

The coaching approach assumes that, with support, you have the resources and answers you need and that you are the authority on what is true and right for you. Through listening and questioning, the coach helps you to deal with your current reality, clarify your vision, establish goals and develop and follow through on strategies to move forward. When a coach is also able to support you with developing as a person, and giving yourself unconditional support, then the coaching becomes much more powerful.

Many self-development approaches and workshops take place one step removed from your everyday life. In contrast, when you develop your relationship with yourself in the coaching context and process, of taking action in your life, then it becomes much more real, powerful, integrated and sustainable.

If I have to do it myself anyway then why do I need support from someone else?

You don't need it in the sense that you can't manage without it. And you certainly don't need me, my book or coaching to make you okay -- for the simple reason that you already are okay. In fact you are more than okay, you are unique. What I, and my associates, can do is to support you in embracing and expressing your uniqueness more and in making clearer and more life enhancing choices.

You will find that making changes, accessing your own wisdom and truth and following through on your decisions is much easier and more effective when you have support. That is why I always have my own coach and other people to work with and support me through my different ventures. I could do it alone but I choose to do it the easier way.

Is this just for people with low self-esteem who can't hack it?

No -- far from it! It is an expression of positive self-regard to decide to work with a coach or other professional so as to get more out of life. Just as in sport, you work with a coach to improve your game and make the most of your talent and motivation, so you work with a life or business coach to connect more deeply with yourself, express your truth and to make the most of your opportunities.

Who is it for then?

It's for people, like you, who want to:

• feel good in and about yourself

• be authentic and express yourself fully

• make the most of your life, work and opportunities

• make a positive contribution to the people and world around you

So, have you got it ALL together yourself then?

Nope! I am not perfect and I still have 'bad me' days -- I just don't take them so seriously any more. If you are looking for an enlightened guru then I guess this admittance could definitely send you to the search engines.

I am, though, happier with myself and more fulfilled than at any time in my life - and it is still getting better. I have my ups and downs, joy and challenges and love the adventure of being human.

In short, I am a real person and I coach real people with real challenges and a real amount of motivation. You won't get a lot of 'rah, rah happy-clappy’ stuff from me. You will, though, be supported in stretching yourself, making the most of things and being your own best friend, however things are going. You will find that the journey can be fun, as well as challenging, and that alongside responsibility, commitment and taking action, enjoyment and laughter are usually a major part of the process.

Okay, I am interested. How can I take it further?

Depending on your focus, level of interest and previous experience,
you can explore one or more of the following:

  • One to one coaching ... more
  • Training in coaching skills... more
  • Events and workshops... more
  • Help for your organization... more
  • Mentoring for coaches... more
  • The Self Factor book and e-book ... more
  • Find a keynote speaker... more  


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